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Partners in Safety


It's all about Safety

Mission Statement

Inspiring transportation companies to bring back safety to the highways. Compliance through education. 

Hands-0n Affordable Training with-in your budget.


Experience Matters

Why would you hire a training company with only online experience? With 18 years industry experience in transportation, from starting out as a driver, then moving on to get my teaching certification and on to Safety and Compliance. I provide hands-on training to help companies with required DOT rules and regulations.  


Experience You Can Trust

Mark's DOT Compliance is dedicated to helping you get back your satisfactory rating by using positive communication with FMCSA and state agencies. I provide FMCSA/FCRA Compliance Training for transportation companies throughout the U.S. I will create the files you need to stay in compliance. Driver training, staff training, mechanic training. ELD's, pre-trip and DVIR training. CAP Letter for upgrade, new registrant filings. Don't wait till it's too late. 

Client Reviews

Foothill Packing


Great job on the training! Brakes, pre trip, ELD's and maintenance. All Required

Anthony - Compliance Mgr

Steel Freight Transport


All my DOT files were set up, in compliance and passed my audit.

Abel Davila-Owner