Safer score training


Corrective Action Plan for Audits - Part B

Audits are time consuming and confusing. I work with DOT inspectors for the proper wording to prepare for your upgrade to stay in business and keep the loads getting booked before, during and after the audit process. Quarterly compliance reports and training for drivers, office staff and mechanics.

FMCSA Required Files / File Retention.

Don't take chances or guess what is required for compliance. DOT does not except excuses.  DQ files, maintenance files, accident files and registers, drug and alcohol files, random selection files, ELD driver training, DVIR process, pre trip training, driver specific application. Not having these files will get you a fine. I create customized files with your company logo.

Safer Score Training

This is your company rating or credit score. These numbers tell current and future customers how safely you can move the product they hired your company to move for them. A bad score means less revenue.  According to FMCSA, 30% of transportation companies do not use the CSA scoring system or even know what it is. How well does your office staff understand ELD's and HOS? I will train your staff on who can legally audit ELD's  and DVIR's. I will train them on the CSA scoring system and what it means to your company if you have flags in the the BASIC categories.  Challenging unjust violations using the DATA Q's website. 

Adverse Action Training

If you need Adverse Action Training due to consumer reports and criminal background checks and can not hire an individual, I can help your staff on the proper wording when those letters need to go out.  Protect your companies assets by not hiring violent felons or individuals with past drug charges. 

Mark's Driver Safety System

An in-depth PowerPoint Presentation that includes aiming high, following distance, stopping distance, mirrors, backing safely, dangers of using handheld devices while driving and more! These training classes can also lower your insurance rates. Ask your agent if these can help you.